Hello, I'm Saif

Developer + Quant + Investor && Native Brooklynite


Capital Markets

I spent 15 years on Wall Street, mostly in quantitative roles. I love numbers, time series analysis and generating alpha. Opportunities to moderninze finance and markets excite me. I do Principal investments via Maiden Voyage Venture Group.

Advancing Human Health

Improving human health, especially via diagnostic imaging, is my academic interest and current full-time endeavor. We're doing pretty cool stuff at DocHuddle, Inc. applying deep learning to medical image classification for consistent, instant, and inexpensive pre-diagnoses.

Technology + CV + Machine Learning

My secret weapon -- I'm good at it, seriously good. It helps me accomplish extraordinarily difficult goals anywhere I place focus. I'm currently applying this to medicine, but other applications also excite me, specifically CV+ML for autonomous vehicles and CV+ML for data-driven investments.

Left Side of the Brain


It is simple...I can make things happen. I recently switched industries, leaving behind 15+ years on Wall Street to work in a clinical research setting. The horizontals remains the same though -- data analysis, machine learning, model building, model tuning, predictive analytics, integration, prototyping, hacking and getting stuff done.

I'm very well educated, well read, informed, and networked. So with all that, I can make things happen; and I have, over and over with many teams.

DocHuddle + MVVG

Seeking to make world-scale impact in healthcare at DocHuddle, Inc. Investing w/o restrictions at Maiden Voyage Ventures.

AIG Investments

Built one of the industry's largest investment analytics platforms from the ground up. Immersed myself in real-estate big-data.

Goldman Sachs

Helped build large-scale derivatives systems.


Catered to clients in the US, Europea and Asia as part of the Financial Services, Capital Markets and Exchanges group.

Cornell, Computer Science
B.S. in Computer Science

UC Berkeley, Data Science
M.S. in Data Science

Degree candidate for 2016.

Right Side of the Brain